JA92 Glass fiber air jet loom

Release time:2021-01-04 15:19:44

JA92-GF glass fiber air jet loom is designed for weaving glass fiber fabric,suitable weaving varnished cloth,laminated fabric etc.


JA92-GF glass fiber air jet loom is designed for weaving glass fiber fabric,suitable weaving varnished cloth,laminated fabric etc. which are based on the primary material of glass fabric.This loom suitable weaving light,middle,heavy fabric,can weaving light glass fabric blew 50g/㎡,also can weaving heavy glass fabric above 300g/㎡.with the feature of small weft abrasion,large output,good quality,stable operation,low noise,so it is have a good price advantage for user.
JA92-GF glass fiber air jet loom with crank shedding ,also can with cam shedding,4-8 shafts;with the combined of single nozzle,main and auxiliary nozzle and profile reed,solenoid valve control weft insertion; four-lever beating-up mechanism;full automatic continuous positive double backrest electronic let-off;mechanical take up;separating out machine take-up,with independent servo-drive,automatic control tension,the biggest diameter of take up can reach 1000mm,mechanical cutter,photoelectric weft feeler device;strong absorpion of the device effectively to attract the textile fiver which the loom work produces,Guarantee workers'physical and mental health.

Main features :

1. Overall advantages: special clesign for glass fiber weaving. precision manufacturing. carefully assembly fine glass fiber special air jet loom, to ensure the stability and superiority of product quality.
2. Selvedge cuttef mechanism adopt chopper mode, drag pad can rotate along the cloth surface, and its surface is uniformly wom to improve the service life and cloth selvedge unify.
3. Selvedge waste yam collection mechanism: waste yarn completely inlhales the suction box. saves waste yarn. makes the cloth edge neat, avoids the cloth edge defect, reduces the yam c:onsumption, avoids the hairiness lo cause the air pollution. guarantees the machine clean and good Working environment.
4. Constant tension batching mechanism: fabric tension is controlled by sensor, which can guarmtee the constant tension and high quality of cloth. Air expansion ruller can be usal for special varieties.
5. Pressure-regulating system: main air pressure can be adjusted automatically acconling to che wefl arrival, which can reduce the wefl breaking rate, beneficial to improve the weaving efficiency and feduce the gas consumption.
6. Professional designed big warp beam and big batching mecharusm reduce the number ofdoffmg and corresponding increase weaving efficiency, flange diameter: 1000mm. the maximum diamecer of the baiching cloth: 1200 mm.

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