• HQF001 Air jet loom

    HQF001 Air jet loom

    HQFO01 air jet loom is a high-end product launched by Tianyi Red Flag Textile Machinery, which can adapt to a wider variety fabric.

  • JA93-190-360 Air jet loom

    JA93-190-360 Air jet loom

    New rack connections increased rigidity,reducing rack deformation during operation,and enhance the stability of the whole operation is more suitable for high-speed heavy.

  • JA92-230 Air jet loom

    JA92-230 Air jet loom

    Air tuck-in mechanism By the electronic control of the jet stream within the folcled end to make yarn.weaving side to achieve the fabric light,simple structure..

  • JA92-280 Air jet loom

    JA92-280 Air jet loom

    The design starting point of the JA92 series air jet looms is to provide customers with high-performance and affordable air jet looms...

  • JA92-190-360 Air jet loom

    JA92-190-360 Air jet loom

    The jumping -off place of JA92 is that it can offer clients loom with excellent quality and price. Depending on satisfying requirement of low cost ...

  • JA92 Up And Down Double Beams Air Jet Loom

    JA92 Up And Down Double Beams Air Jet Loom

    The newly developed product-JA92 high and low dual loom beam air jet loom is designed for textile enterprise to developed high added valve double-faced fabric...

  • JA92-460 Super width air jet loom

    JA92-460 Super width air jet loom

    Redflag Super width air jet loom. certitlcating our exploration and research in super wiclth about air jet looms,width-460 air jet looms.

  • JA93-190-360 Air Jet Loom

    JA93-190-360 Air Jet Loom

    JA93 series Air Jet Loom is new generation of Qingdao Tianyi Red Flag,the company is well-developed after years of efforts made...