Increase awareness, improve quality, reduce costs, and delay logistics

2021-01-04 15:34:08 TY80HongqJ2t

   On February 17, 2020, the company issued the "Qinghongfangjizi [2020] No. 7" red-head text: "Notice on the establishment of the textile machinery group "strengthening brand building" work leading group", which established the company's future development The new strategic goal: "Building air jet looms into the preferred brand of domestic customers, and building water jet looms into domestic brands". All departments and workshops closely focus on this overall strategic goal and actively formulate their own work plans and implementation measures.Focusing on this strategic goal of the company, each of us is thinking about "what can we do? How should we do it?"At a time, the great leader Chairman Mao once said at the Second National Congress of the Chinese Soviet: "Waste is a great crime", guiding our grandparents and fathers to self-reliance and arduous entrepreneurship to survive that period. years.Today, Chairman Liu has repeatedly emphasized: “Management brings efficiency, management yields benefits”. As a logistic support window-the restaurant is responsible for the logistic support of the working meals of all employees. Because everyone has different tastes and different living habits, no matter what Which company, restaurant services will be in a passive situation, how to "provide delicious and hearty meals for everyone?" This question has been testing the restaurant logistics management. At the beginning of the new year in 2020, with Chairman Liu’s work instruction spirit of “1 yuan buffet for working meals, good food and good food”, the administrative department organized all the restaurant staff to seriously discuss the implementation plan, and through continuous simulation and adjustment, the realization Self-service mode. The implementation of this mode has completely changed the wasteful drawbacks of "big eyes and small stomachs" and "cannot eat away", so that the majority of employees can eat well and eat well without waste. With this model, it has successfully offset the unfavorable factors such as the increase in raw material costs caused by the Spring Festival and the epidemic. This led to an episode: After the guard had been waiting for the meal, the big wolf dog who was responsible for feeding the leftovers to the nursing home suddenly ran to the administrative department and complained: "Before the big wolf dog could not eat the leftovers, now there is no leftovers. After dinner, the wolf dog is hungry." In order to further refine the work and seek benefits from management, on the basis of saving, the Administration Department continues to lead the restaurant to develop a new cost management model: from the previous "one month one calculation" cost method, the new "cost one calculation per day" is introduced. The model, through the simulation operation in February, has achieved tangible results: the profit and loss data of the restaurant on the day can be directly calculated every day. According to the real-time floating profit and loss data, the restaurant dining varieties and patterns can be adjusted in time, and the floating profit will appear. Increase the number of dishes such as ribs, chicken legs, fried fish, etc. to balance, and strive to make everyone eat at ease and happy. Seriously and down-to-earth to achieve "the logistics are not available, the work is done with one mind, and each work is implemented."