Sun Yonghong investigates Qingdao Tianyi Group

2020-08-11 15:39:31 红旗纺机

News from our newspaper on August 11 This morning, Sun Yonghong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the West Coast New District Working Committee and Secretary of the District Committee, came to Qingdao Tianyi Hongqi Textile Machinery Group Co., Ltd. to conduct investigations, understand the production and operation of the company, and help the company solve difficulties and problems. During the investigation, Sun Yonghong went deep into the company's assembly workshop and new product laboratory to check the company's production, research and development on the spot, and listened to the report of the Qingdao textile town's conceptual planning plan at the subsequent symposium. Sun Yonghong pointed out that in recent years, Qingdao Tianyi Group has been deeply involved in the field of textile machinery and has achieved good results in the industry. It is hoped that enterprises will keep pace with the times, innovate boldly, focus precisely on their main business, develop around the two main lines of high-end smart textile equipment and new textile materials, continue to innovate business models, unblock financing channels, explore securitization development methods, improve product competitiveness, and enhance After-sales service to realize the efficient and rapid development of the enterprise. It is necessary to carefully plan and promote the Qingdao textile town project, trace the development history of the textile machinery and textile industry, dig deep into the brand connotation, tell the corporate story, and expand the brand effect and market influence of Tianyi Group. It is necessary to accelerate platform construction, study international and domestic industry standards, explore standardized, intelligent, and digital development models for the textile industry, form an industrial pattern for the coordinated development of upstream, middle and downstream enterprises, and create a textile machinery and textile industry cluster. We must do a good job in production safety, strengthen the construction of the workforce, and actively perform corporate social responsibilities. Relevant towns, streets, and departments must provide front-line services, continue to provide policy support, and accurately and timely solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the business development.