Tianyi Hongqi Textile Machinery Increases Technological Innovation, Products Contrary to the Trend

2021-02-04 11:20:15 红旗纺机

This year, Qingdao Tianyi Hongqi Textile Machinery Group Co., Ltd. has gnawed down this hard bone through collaborative innovation to make textile machinery more intelligent and energy-saving. We are an enterprise that uses automatic repositioning and edge-beaming devices at the same time. These two sets The special device saves a lot of labor for our downstream enterprises and reduces the use of raw materials.

Red Flag Textile Machinery

Qingdao Tianyi Hongqi Textile Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R&D, production and sales of air-jet looms. As a domestic textile machinery company, its products are mainly positioned in the high-end energy-saving market. At the beginning of this year, a sudden epidemic caused the company to fall into a low point of development. In the first half of this year, we still had a lot of orders, but our supporting equipment came from all over the country. Because of the epidemic, they may not be able to supply in time, which also caused a certain impact on our production. Development, the entire textile machinery market is bleak, many weaving mills are in a state of suspension of production, the backlog of sprayed fabrics is serious, there were too many porridges, and the OEMs could not get them, the orders for textile machinery were mutually depressed, and the prices of textile machinery and the down payment market entered a stage of fierce competition. In the face of the epidemic, companies have learned from the pain and determined to differentiate their competition. Through the organization of technical research teams, cooperation with professional technical colleges, etc., they will continue to improve their independent innovation capabilities and increase the research and development of marketable new products, new processes and supporting devices. In terms of technological innovation, we give full play to our company's own advantages and make all-round improvements in the intelligentization of equipment, energy saving and high speed.

Red Flag Textile Machinery

On the basis of the successful development of special spinning machines such as flannel special air-jet looms and 460 cm wide air-jet looms, this year the company has achieved new breakthroughs in textile machinery supporting equipment. The high-end and differentiated development of textile machinery has been steadily developed. Unable to participate in textile machinery exhibitions at home and abroad, nor to communicate face-to-face with customers at home and abroad, companies use the advantages of professional networks to increase the promotion of textile machinery in domestic and foreign markets, and use professional textile machinery networks to promote the current development in Turkey and Pakistan along the Belt and Road. In the new markets of several countries, the nine-story platform rises from the soil, thanks to the solid foundation in the early stage.

Red Flag Textile Machinery

At present, the company is in a state of exploding orders, and its production capacity has doubled from the previous normal state, and it cannot meet customer needs. Textile machinery orders have continued until July next year. Since July of this year, we have worked overtime every day to complete customer orders. Since the second half of the year, this benefit of the company and our personal income level have been greatly improved. Under the epidemic, in the secret world, so far, the domestic and international market sales of enterprises have increased compared with the same period last year. Among them, domestic market sales have increased from 60% to about 70% of total sales. So in the future, our company will continue to increase capital investment, further improve the high speed of products and automation, carry out digital transformation in production management, including remote control of our after-sales service, and further expand and strengthen through various measures , Our brand lays a better foundation for the later development of the enterprise.